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Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan

February 8, 2023

Can you go to Walmart or Amazon and buy a stuffed animal?  Sure.  But I can honestly say …

Trouble the Dog is so much more than just a stuffed animal.   Trouble has his own book series … three to be exact.  Here’s Trouble … Where There’s Trouble … There’s Hope … and Trouble’s in Trouble!
Kids relate to Trouble’s stories helping them learn to hope, believe and dream.  Trouble also has a message of resilience for kids … they love reading about his adventures with his posse of pups.

Trouble since day one has had kids asking if Trouble could be sent to “Jimmy, he’s in a wheelchair” … or “Ellie … her parents are divorcing” … or “Jamie … moving to a new place”.  Trouble elicits empathy in children which is so wonderful to see.  https://troublethedog.com/kids-helping-kids/

Trouble the comfort Dog is handcrafted with love right here in America. That alone makes him very special.  Each Trouble Dog is carefully made and manufactured in small batches.  If a child has a chance to choose a Trouble Dog from a number of available Trouble Dogs, they invariably choose one immediately and never waiver.  They tell us that is their Trouble!

Trouble is a plush pup that is 18” nose to tail so he’s especially big, so so soft and cuddly.  Trouble is keepsake quality for kids of all ages.

I believe Trouble is one of the very few stuffed animals to be able to truly say “Made in America” or “Made in the USA”.  It was a long and very difficult journey but we feel it was, for us, the right thing to do.

Trouble can’t be purchased in a store or on Amazon … he’s that very rare stuffed animal that is cut, sewn, stuffed and shipped right from our manufacturer in Arizona.

Does this decision make our pricing higher than a stuffed animal manufactured elsewhere?  Yes. We have carefully set our prices to be fair and equitable.

Interestingly, these decisions have set Trouble the Dog apart from other stuffed animals and that’s important to know.

Even more important is that kids recognize Trouble the Dog as a soothing buddy who can be there whenever they need him.

We have many, many examples of children who have had their Trouble Dog for years … starting as a child and now becoming teenagers.  Trouble has soothed their anxiety and continues to do so even though they are now approaching young adulthood.

Often, Trouble will accompany a child to school if they need a little extra comfort for anxiety.  He’s also travelled to many an overnight camp to make sure a first time camper feels comfy and safe when away from home.

What else is different about Trouble?

Children are drawn to Trouble the Dog like magnets.  Trouble comforts kids and gives them a buddy who is right there when the lights go out.  We call Trouble an Angel in Disguise because that’s what he is … a small stray, grey pup who just happens to be magical enough for kids to be considered an Angel.

If you look at Trouble’s face you will see he is a series of circles … his head, nose, eyes all draw kids right in.  His soft expression and waiting ear allow kids to feel comfort. Trouble soothes them.

Kids also love to draw Trouble and the circle shapes make it very easy to be immediately successful.

Kids have told us that whenever they pick Trouble up he puts his paws up for a hug … that was just a miracle in the making that had nothing to do with us.  Trouble was Divinely Inspired right from the beginning and this is just one example of his perfect design.

Trouble helps kids open up about their concerns because they tell him first.  Many parents have told us they can hear their children talking with Trouble in their rooms.  Eventually, the children can open up because they have already whispered their “troubles” into Trouble’s waiting hear.

It’s always so wonderful to talk with a child who talks to Trouble the Dog.  Kids tell us they not only talk with Trouble but often he answers them and makes them smile … which is truly incredible even to us.

We feel that there are so many kids today who need a confidante of their very own to hold and to keep.  Trouble the Dog is up for the challenge.

Kids understand so much about what is happening in the world today that we’re happy to be able to supply them with a coping mechanism like Trouble.  Trouble not only soothes kids but because they become comfortable, they are encouraged to talk about their feelings.

Our most recent book, Trouble’s in Trouble, introduces a brand new character by the name of Clarence.  Clarence is a tiny little orb who sits right on Trouble’s nose and tries to help guide him over the bumps in the road of life.  In this book, Clarence is not successful and Trouble learns a lesson about how important it is to express your feelings.  While enjoying “Trouble’s in Trouble”, kids can literally point to Clarence – who mirrors Trouble’s emotions – and let their parents/teachers/grandparents/guardians know how they’re feeling.

Trouble also has his very own custom Doghouse which was actually designed by an architect truth be told.  This Doghouse is cardboard and easily assembled with the help of a child.  It makes for a fun and creative activity.  The child can then make it their own by illustrating their emotions in crayon, markers or paint right on the Doghouse.  And yes, Trouble’s Doghouse is proudly Made in the USA.

It’s always heartwarming to see kids drawing rugs, dog bowls, curtains, symbols of hope and so on on their Doghouses.   Each child’s unique feelings and talents are on full and proud display.   Sometimes kids will color messages of hope for other kids who might be receiving Trouble’s Doghouse as a gift.  “You’ve got this … always have HOPE” and so on.  It’s a remarkable phenomena to watch unfolding.

I should also note that kids almost always make sure they tuck Trouble into his House – often wrapped in a blanket –  should they not be able to be with him on a particular day.  At night, however, Trouble is right there beside them so they can be sure to fall asleep, feel safe and have sweet dreams.

These are just a few of the hundreds of examples as to why Trouble is a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a special child in your life.

Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan


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