The Magic of Trouble the Dog

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Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan

February 8, 2023

Trouble the Dog was originally drawn by a child going through tough times.  Her pure heart simply wanted to create a character who would be able to help comfort other kids.

Fast forward, Trouble the comfort Dog is doing just that.  Trouble is a plush pup completely hand crafted right here in America.   Trouble is travelling the world comforting kids and helping them smile one hug at at time.

Children tell us when they hug Trouble they feel better.  Why?  Kids say that Trouble the comfort Dog has an energy and they can feel it.  They also tell us Trouble wags his tail when they hug him.  Children take Trouble with them as a comfort buddy wherever they go.

Trouble is so much more than a plush animal.

There are many stories that illustrate the magic of Trouble so it is difficult to choose which to share … but here are a few to warm your heart.

One day while selling Trouble Dogs and books in the lobby of a Boston Hospital, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a visit from a dear friend … who also happens to be a renowned psychic.  Unfortunately, I was too busy to spend any time with her as children were dragging their parents over to meet Trouble the Comfort Dog.

An hour or so later she walked by me and said “call me when you get home”. Unbeknownst to me, she had been on a balcony observing Trouble the Dog’s interactions with children.   I called and her words stunned me.  She said “would you like to know why Trouble attracts kids like a magnet?”  Naturally I said “yes”.  She then said … and I’ll never forget it … “Trouble has a soul and I can see it” … the kids know this and are attracted to Trouble.  This is why we call Trouble the Dog an Angel in Disguise because that is what’s happening.  It’s amazing even to me to this day.

Here’s an example of Trouble’s magic directly from a child.  “Trouble helps kids feel comfortable because they realize that they aren’t the only kids going through bullying, trouble in subjects and other difficulties in school.  And if Trouble was a TV show I’d definitely watch it every night and I’d tell my friends about the show”.

When the Newtown tragedy happened, we were able to deliver I believe it was 100 Trouble Dogs, books and Houses.  We organized an event at Newtown Healing arts; and of course, many of the children in attendance had been directly affected.  We asked an actor to read Trouble’s book, I told the story of how Trouble came to be.  Each child was then directed to their very own Trouble Doghouse, Dog and book all set up on tables just waiting to be illustrated with their emotions.  As I was walking around the room, I noticed that many kids were writing “I love you” – independent of each other – on different sections of Trouble’s Doghouse.  When I asked them “who are you writing that to?” Their answer was …  Trouble the Dog.  Afterwards, we received beautiful testimonials from parents about their children’s interactions with Trouble … some of which are on our site.

Trouble the Dog is also utilized as a coping mechanism for kids who are hospitalized.  We had an amazing opportunity to bring hundreds of Trouble therapy Dogs to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles through the Children’s Miracle Network.  We participated in a Radiothon and had a chance to interact with many children who were patients.  The children instantly understood the magic of Trouble and were excited to not only receive Trouble for themselves but also to be able to bring a Trouble comfort Dog and book back to their respective floors for kids who weren’t able to leave their rooms.

While in the hospital, Trouble remains the one constant that can be right by the children’s side 24/7.  Trouble is there when the lights go out and kids tell us this is especially comforting for them.  Often kids need a cuddle buddy on a good day … so you can only imagine how important a pup like Trouble is in a hospital setting with so many strange noises, different people in and out not to mention being in pain.

There is a common theme with Trouble the Dog which is Kids helping Kids. You will see a perfect example here and I can honestly say that kids have been asking to have Trouble given to other kids since day one.  Kids know first hand how comforting Trouble the Dog is … they feel his good energy.  This is what they want to deliver to other kids who might be in their classrooms, neighborhoods, etc.  It’s truly awe inspiring even to me.

Kids tell us that Trouble the Dog is just waiting to give them love and a hug whenever they need it … and in today’s upside down world that’s powerful.  There are so many kids who need hope, love and a hug.

Guidance offices have Trouble ready and waiting for kids who might need a hug before they talk about what’s on their mind.  Some guidance offices may have “Double Trouble” on hand as well and kids pick both up when they have something difficult to discuss.

Trouble the Dog allows time to breathe, relax and finally talk about what might be a worry or concern.

Recently, I received a call from a local teacher.  She has had Trouble in her classroom for many years as a teaching tool and comfort dog.  She has also purchased Trouble Dogs over the years for different students going through tough times.  She asked if she could possibly purchase two Trouble Dogs and Doghouses … right now.  She wished to comfort a particular student and there was an immediate need for Trouble the Dog.  Trouble was her very first thought as the best way to deliver comfort and hope to her student.

Trouble is in classrooms, sitting in his Doghouse waiting to be hugged.  Teachers tell us their students love to hug Trouble and they will also speak up if they feel another student might need Trouble more than they do.

The magic of Trouble the comfort Dog is that he’s alive to kids … they can feel his energy … he makes them smile and they want that same feeling to be given to other kids.


Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan


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