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Effective Tools for Early Childhood Educators Facing “Trouble” in the Classroom
Workshop Synopsis: (Download a PDF)

Meet Sheila Duncan and the character she created – Trouble the Dog!

Co-authors Sheila Duncan and Melanie Fleming have developed an interactive workshop to help early childhood educators deal with “trouble” in the classroom.

How “Trouble” began

Sheila is author of “Here’s Trouble!” and co-creator of the children’s character, Trouble the Dog. She is President of Larkin LTD. and Founder of The Kennek Foundation. Sheila visits with children in schools, hospitals, foster care programs, and homeless shelters with gifts of plush comfort toys and books.

Melanie is an award-winning journalist and public relations strategist. Together, Sheila and Melanie have authored the second book in the Trouble series, Where There’s Trouble…There’s Hope.”

This dynamic duo performs readings for children at schools and libraries to deliver Trouble’s message of hope, compassion and resilience. Sheila and Melanie meet with educators in a workshop designed to introduce Trouble and his books and explain how to use the plush dog as a coping mechanism for children facing difficulties.

Coping with Trouble in the classroom

As educators, what kinds of trouble do you face in your classrooms? Anxiety issues? Behavioral issues? Learning issues?  Inclusivity issues?

Trouble has helped kids who have a hard time in the classroom, kids with special needs, and kids dealing with family instability – from parents coping with drug addiction to homelessness. Just imagine how these situations affect learning and the child’s ability to stay focused.

“On call” 24/7, Trouble the Dog is a cost-effective, proven, powerful therapy tool that educators have used to make a difference to a child.  He is currently being used by guidance counselors and teachers in schools, and by child life specialists in hospitals across the country.

Trouble the Dog has been known to provide a calming effect on children – helping a child to feel safe and loved. His books deliver powerful messages for children and families to “never give up” while portraying the importance of having hope, while building confidence and trust. Some educators have utilized special 1:1 time with Trouble as a reward for good classroom behavior.

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