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Trouble the Dog FAQ Section

Trouble The Dog Comfort Toy

What are comfort toys?

Comfort toys are typically a plush toy … in our case, Trouble the Dog … that is soft, huggable and gives a sense of comfort.  Trouble the Dog has especially soft waiting ears ready to hear all “troubles” be they big or small.  Trouble the Dog absorbs “troubles” and worries to allow for comfort.

Is it normal to have a comfort toy?

We find that children (and adults) love having a comfort buddy to hug 24/7.  Trouble the Dog is especially soft and cuddly so kids are especially drawn to him.  It’s important to be able to be soothed, especially at bedtime and if a child or adult can hug Trouble the Dog to feel safe, warm and loved it is not only totally normal but wonderful at the same time.

What do you call a comfort toy?

Some call their comfort toys loveys, others call them buddies … kids often call Trouble a magical dog because they bond so easily with him.  Children love to hug Trouble for comfort, especially when they feel a little bit anxious.  Trouble allows kids to whisper their anxieties into his waiting ear and then they feel more comfortable discussing their “troubles” with a parent, teacher or trusted advisor.

What is a comfort item for adults?

We find that many adults … especially those that are older … have Trouble the Dog as a comfort item.  Perhaps it’s his shape, huggability or softness but Trouble delivers comfort to many adults who need 24/7 comfort.

Is Trouble The Dog a comfort toy?

 Yes, Trouble the dog is a great comfort toy and many more things. Trouble helps kids cope with problems and also hope, believe and dream.  That is why we call Trouble the dog “An Angel in Disguise”.

Where Is Trouble The Dog made?

We are proud that our plush Trouble comfort dogs are 100% handcrafted in the USA. At this time, Trouble is one of the few plush comfort toys made right here in the USA. This is a big deal for our economy and our country. 


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