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One cold winter’s night then 12 year old Kendra Duncan was visiting her aunt, Sheila Duncan. Kendra had experienced a number of cancer losses in her young life – her Nonnie, Dad and family dog, a Golden Retriever named Irish – so she was very tuned into the word “cancer”. Kendra was quietly drawing that evening when the St. Jude Telethon came on television. Kendra looked up and said “I have to help those kids” … she then instantly drew a simple yet powerful little dog. She said “his name is going to be Trouble and he’s going to help kids”.    That moment in her aunt’s  eyes was absolutely divinely inspired. Kendra then wrote a comic strip telling Trouble’s story about being abandoned as a scared little pup in New York City and then being adopted by a kindly Nonnie. Trouble then goes on to rescue other pups “in trouble” and so the journey began. Trouble is now a global childrens’ character travelling the world comforting kids of all ages … be their “troubles” big or small … one hug at a time.



Once upon a time childhood was simple. Children just played. Not anymore.

Kids are pressured at school and over-exposed to technology at home. So many are dealing with poverty, bullying, illness… and worse. It’s just not easy to be a kid anymore.

So we created Trouble. Trouble the Dog® is a global children’s character. His iconic, expressive face attracts kids like a magnet. Children can feel his energy. Amazingly, Trouble helps kids hope, believe, and dream. He touches their souls. Trouble absorbs worry and makes children smile.

Trouble product offerings include a custom doghouse made of sturdy, white cardboard and neatly folded for delivery. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be decorated with the designs only a child can imagine.

The Trouble proposition is simple. Trouble the Dog is the ultimate comforting toy, that is 100% made in America, that also allows kids to create, express their emotions, and simply play.


Trouble works with the SPCA of Tennessee to educate people about the importance of spay and neuter programs. He also helps rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in Tennessee, bringing them north to find their forever homes.

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