It's Not Easy to Be a Kid

Once upon a time childhood was simple. Children just played. Not anymore.

Kids are pressured at school and over-exposed to technology at home. So many are dealing with poverty, bullying, illness… and worse. It’s just not easy to be a kid anymore.

So we created Trouble. Trouble the Dog® is a global children’s character. His iconic, expressive face attracts kids like a magnet. Children can feel his energy. Amazingly, Trouble helps kids hope, believe, and dream. He touches their souls. Trouble absorbs worry and makes children smile.

Trouble product offerings include a custom doghouse made of sturdy, white cardboard and neatly folded for delivery. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be decorated with the designs only a child can imagine.

The Trouble proposition is simple. It’s the ultimate comforting toy that also allows kids to create, express their emotions, and simply play.

About Trouble the Dog