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Just a few of Trouble’s Testimonials.

Bought Trouble the Dog for my granddaughters when they were born, and I always told them that, when they felt sad, they could give him a hug and they would feel better.  Well, as the girls grew (they are 7 and 5), they didn’t pay much attention to Trouble.  One was lost when they moved to a new house, and the other resided in their room at my house. One day this summer, their dad injured his arm and had to go to the ER.  I was called in to babysit.  The girls were understandably worried, but carried on as usual.  As the day wore on, with no hospital updates, the 7-year old asked to go to my house so she could use my computer.  It turned out that she had an ulterior motive.  When we got to my house, she ran to her room and asked for Trouble.  I took him down from the top of the bookcase where he watched over the room, and she hugged him tightly – admitting that she needed the comfort at this time.  I was amazed that she remembered Trouble’s “magical” powers. We replaced the lost Trouble, the girls re-decorated their doghouses, and Trouble watches over them at their house each night.  By the way, their Dad is doing fine.
– J.G., Parent
Marblehead, MA

Thank you so much Sheila! I can’t tell you how amazing Trouble has been for our children. The social workers are giving them to the children when they are removed from their homes.  Often children have nothing but the clothes on their back.  This gives them something they can call their own when moving into a new home.  If gives them comfort and something to snuggle.  Trouble helps so much in a scary time for our children.  Thank you so much!
– Carla King
Dept. of Children and Families Cape Ann area office

I can’t say enough about what Trouble has done and does for Lucas ?. I as a parent see the magic of Trouble. If Lucas is having a hard time or a challenging day, he seeks trouble out and lays with him on his chest rubbing his ears and whispering his fears. He takes him everywhere he can and gives him a squeeze when he is feeling overwhelmed. Lucas leans on him most of all during his transfusion weeks, letting everyone know about his powers to take away his scared feelings and make him happy. He lays on his legs while he gets his portacath accessed and once treatment has started he is on his lap or sitting beside him. Trouble the Dog has magic powers that should be known.

– April Lynn, Parent
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Most recently we needed to place a three-year-old boy with autism. He was asked if he wanted a “Trouble” and responded with a fast “yes!” He held Trouble through the car ride and into the new foster home… Trouble gave him well needed comfort.
– Social Worker, Department of Children and Families

The most important issues facing kids today, in my opinion, are influences of society, social media, instant gratification and becoming bored too easily. Story books like “Where There’s Trouble, There’s Hope” help to refocus on home and family while sharing inspirational messages to instill confidence in students’ abilities to pursue their individual dreams which is so important.
– Shirley Bachini, M.Ed., Ed.S, Curriculum Instruction Teacher
Julia F. Callahan School

I can assure you that Trouble will always be a huge part of my family’s life as he is so very important to my grandson. Whenever real life trouble hits, my grandson seeks out Trouble, his very special friend with the soft and comforting shape. It’s miraculous, and quite wonderful, but trouble disappears the minute Trouble appears.
–  K.P.

The kids loved trouble the dog. One of our 4 year old youth started crying one day and started saying, “I need my trouble” so cute. All of our kids slept with their trouble, some often stating that he kept them safe at night. In their lives of chaos and uncertainty each child knew they were given something special they could take with them wherever they went. All the kids want to say Thank you! We really appreciated you coming and sharing trouble with our kids.
–  K.Z., Family Teacher / Treatment Family Home, Boys Town New England

What makes Trouble stand out from all my other stuffed animals is the joy and happiness he brings to ‘Troubled’ kids around the world … every time I see him it reminds me that he has made someone else’s life amazing … and he is the cutest thing!
–  E.Q.C. age 12

First, I would like to thank you for creating Trouble! He is wonderful and truly is part of our family! Bella received Trouble on her first birthday as a birthday present from my mom. From the moment Bella saw him sitting on top of a gift basket wrapped in clear cellophane, she could not take her eyes or hands off of him. Almost seven years later, Trouble still goes to bed with Bella every night, he has gone to school with her (but only on show and tell days), and he has proven to be an excellent traveler! Trouble truly is part of our family. Even though Bella is getting older, Trouble remains by her side. There is just something remarkably calming and comforting about that little dog. As far as Bella is concerned, her Trouble is the one and only!
–  J.F.

Thought you may want to know that everyone in my son’s class was asked to bring in their favorite book this week … and of course he brought in the book of Trouble … along with Trouble himself … read it to him again last night… I am amazed how long (years) that he has been so attached to the book and dog… can’t thank you enough.
–  W.Q.

Trouble is alive and well in Molly and Jack’s rooms – the magic continues and so do you.
–  P.M.

In August, my daughter saw Trouble in a store in Chatham, MA. and fell in love with it.  But the store owner said it was not for sale but had been lent to him for a charity event.  My question is, is there a store/hospital in Manhattan, NYC that carries it?
–  Pound Ridge, NY.

There are two Troubles that sit on top of either end of the couch in my office and they are like a magnetic force for quite a handful of kids who come in here.  They usually don’t say anything while doing it but tend to reach right for one (or some of the kiddos like to hold both at once) and just hold him in their lap while we chat.”
–  K.G., Guidance Counselor

Also, I wanted to let you know that Kyle had to bring in his favorite book yesterday for school.  Guess what he picked … you got it?  The Trouble book!
– S.H.

Is Trouble The Dog an Angel is stuffed animal guise?  Only the attitude of childlike wonder can answer these questions!
–  S.L.S.

Trouble has hope in him and he wags his tail when you hug him.
–  Maya

When times get hard, all you need is love!  Trouble is full of love and ready for you!  When you need love you can just grab Trouble and cuddle.  You can tell him how you feel and he’ll always agree.
–  Cheyenne

The only consistency in their lives was their toy dog, “Trouble.” Every night, we read the Trouble book and talked about how good times were around the corner. Trouble traveled with the kids between homes and on vacations. My son asked me to read the book to his first grade class. He wanted everyone to know about his friend Trouble.
– S.H.

We are all doing ok. Happy summer is here.  My son still sleeps with Trouble..and picked Trouble out of many, many other loved stuffies to come with him on our trip to the shore.  The house is still in his room..he doesn’t put him in it very often…mostly just hangs out on his bed with the others.
– P.C., Newtown, CT

As a practicing Dermatologist on the North Shore, I sometimes treat children who might be fearful before their procedure.  We have Trouble the plush Dog in our office so children can relax and give him a hug.  We also have Bessie, our 150 pound Bernese Mountain Dog, who visits the office with my wife.  Right before Christmas, we had a child who was upset.

Bessie perked up her ears, gently picked up a Trouble Dog in her mouth, and put it right into the child’s lap.  It was amazing.  I had heard Trouble had a little spirit of his own going on … and now I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
–  M.L.

“Trouble The Dog sits in a corner of my bedroom.  When I come home after a tough day I always find myself looking right into that soulful face of his and I can’t help but smile.  On more than one occasion I’ve picked him up for a good long hug and have to say I feel better.  Isn’t that amazing?  I love Trouble.”
–  S.B.

My son has had Trouble since he was a baby and still sleeps with him every night (he’s 6 1/2 now). He calls him “Babu” and sniffs his ear! We LOVE Trouble in our house, Thank you!!!!
–  E.T.

Dear Sheila and Trouble,
Congratulations each of you has done much to make kids and older people happy and comfortable. We like you telling us to get tough when we are going through something that is difficult. Trouble understands problems and he is right by your side. Keep up the good work and have a blessed Christmas.
–  C.R.

We gave two of your doggies at Christmas & they are out there doing their mission with some wonderful little girls we know. Funny thing, as many grown ups want Trouble as kids. This one is for an adult who needs a friend.
–  S.H.

My family attended the Trouble the Dog event that was held in Newtown.  Our family was directly impacted by the events of 12/14.  My son, age 8, and my daughter, age 6, both have had struggles since then but have found comfort with Trouble.  In particular, my daughter has used Trouble on a number of occasions to tell her worries to him when she didn’t want to talk to me.  I have found her on several occasions snuggled up in bed whispering to him.  Both children spent a lot of time decorating Trouble’s doghouse and both have them in their bedrooms now.  Thank you for bringing this wonderful source of comfort to my family and to Newtown.
–  J.B.

My children met Trouble when we were lucky to hear a reading in person from Sheila Duncan.  We brought Trouble home with us and they both find him so comforting. My sonreaches for Trouble whenever he is feeling nervous or sad and Trouble is always there to make him feel better.
–  M.K.

No matter what I am doing, Trouble just seems to sit there with this look on his face like he cares.  I love that.
–  A.D.

My son gave his little sister Trouble to sleep with for two nights yesterday because she had fallen and was crying.  That girl did not let that dog out of her sight … and actually tried to sneak him into her backpack this morning for camp.
–  D.C.

“I love Trouble because he is a good role model.  He is fluffy and that makes me feel loved!”
– C.C.

When my children are away for a few days I wear their Trouble medallion so I feel they are close to my heart.
–  B.C.

What makes Trouble stand out from all my other stuffed animals is the joy and happiness he brings to ‘Troubled’ kids around the world … every time I see him it reminds me that he has made someone else’s life amazing … and he is the cutest thing!
–  E.C., age 12

Trouble is really smart.   He learns lessons from his friends.  He’s my friend too!
–  G.R., age 5

Trouble’s name makes me laugh because it makes me think of a dog who is naughty and is always causing trouble.  But really, Trouble is such a good dog is anything but Trouble!
–  D.R., age 8

Trouble’s not just a stuffed animal.  He’s alive to some people.  He’s a piece of some people’s heart.  People sleep with him, cuddle him when they’re sick, use him as a pillow.  Trouble’s hope.
– Anthony, age 7

NOTE:  Anthony won a Trouble for himself in a contest. According to the contest rules, a second Trouble would be sent to anyone in the world he wanted. He chose to send Trouble to a soldier overseas.

Trouble is the dog for the job when you’re in need of a good friend.  He can help you get through anything, a break up, a fight with a friend or parent or a bad moment.  When you hold him he wags his tail for you.  Trouble is your best friend.
–  Emma

Very nice to hear from you and your thoughtfulness in passing on a “little Trouble”. Your goal was accomplished because I definitely smiled when I opened the envelope.  Thank you again for Trouble, the coin is in my pocket at this moment.
–  R.M.

I noticed a comforting aura to Trouble. Ulysses liked to snuggle in with him and rested long hours with Trouble at his side. Trouble was a steady and constant companion for Uly, and I know that his influence in Uly’s recovery was powerful, yet unexplainable. But I believe the steadiness of the influence is somehow behind the mystery.
– K.L.

I babysit for a family of three little girls. I have had them a long time. The oldest will be 8 years old tomorrow. She is ( as her parents say) obsessed with your little “Trouble” character! She takes him in her backpack to school. She sleeps with him every night. I could go on but I’m sure you know what I mean! I was hoping you would please send her a message from ” Trouble” when you have a chance. She will be so excited!
–  K.S.

Hello, thank you for your wonderful storybook! My son has Autism and I worry about safety. It’s nice to have a way to help him with learning about being safe. He said “Doggie!” And hugged the toy, he really loves the pages with the traffic lights. If you like you may use our pictures if Alex on your site. Thanks sincerely,
– Natasha

“I have seen firsthand the tremendous effect that Trouble the Dog has had on the patients in our care.  Love, comfort, friendship and someone to hold are just some of the ways Trouble has helped to bring joy to their lives.  To see a child that is fighting for their life smile, is truly priceless and ultimately the key to overall healing.”
–  D.B., Vice President, Children’s Miracle Network, Los Angeles

I am an employee at a local bank with a long history in our town. I have the opportunity to observe many of the goings on in the bank lobby, and am able to interact with many people. We have “Trouble the Dog” in his dog house on a small table for the children to interact with, along with the story of “Trouble the Dog” book. Many of our younger customers will run over to “Trouble” even before going to the lollypops. It’s like they are coming to visit an old friend. On numerous occasions I’ve read the story to a young customer while mom or dad has done their banking. I also love the illustrations. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful story and how sometimes we all need a little reminder, to “Be Tough.”
–  D.C.

Children who struggle gain so much from reaching out to other children facing challenges. Trouble the Dog is that special friend that allows children to do this.
–  Sue Todd, President and CEO Pathways for Children

Sheila Duncan and her niece, Kendra, introduced Trouble to CancerCare for Kids through a book reading and signing in the fall of 2008.  Children and parents (all coping with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis or death) connected immediately with the universal messages of empathy, love and survival of the spirit that Trouble delivers.
–  J.L. Cancer Care for Kids, New York City

My son carried Trouble with him to his appointments the other day to show him off. He also put 1 sticker on his wheelchair and 1 on my car. He loves Trouble and he enjoyed coloring the doghouse. He liked the story a lot and even gave trouble a new brother : )
–  Amy

Trouble has helped one of our children lose the fear of going to bed and the other one is slowly making strides… I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for helping our kids and all the kids of Newtown… We love Trouble:-) My grand daughter has done very well with Trouble. Her nails are growing a little bit. She doesn’t bite them as much and it used to be 24/7. She is sleeping great so we think Trouble has helped her significantly. Thank you again for taking the time out to bring me a trouble before you went back home. She carries the house around with her to her daddy’s house when she goes there on the weekends. She decorated the house and everything.  Thanks again. It really has helped her.
–  L, CT

Trouble is still double in our house. Both my son (SHS 2nd grader) and his younger sister have the pup. They did enjoy the story during the presentation at Newtown Healing Arts Center, but to be honest, the house had found itself with the more lasting effect. As you may know, at Sandy Hook, there has been a big movement in mini-rubber ducks. The police officers have been passing them out to the kids after settling into the Monroe school. Trouble’s house has become the ducks’ house (we have over 50 between them) in each of their rooms! Trouble still sleeps in my daughter’s bed (she’s 5) along with the rest of the herd (I’m lucky I can find her in there), but my son has stuck his old favorite for comfort and his Trouble sits with the sideline animals. She was excited to show my brother just this weekend (when he asked about the house) and she explained where it came from and pulled out the book and showed him the dog — and more excited to say “see, and here is where the Trouble-lady <> signed it. Thank you for your kindness.
–  A, Newton, CT 

I can’t believe that I received Trouble in yesterday’s mail.  Talk about great service!  I have to say, I didn’t expect the quality of Trouble to be so outstanding!  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another stuffed animal that was so well made.  The pictures on the website don’t do it justice.  You must be so proud of your product.  I guess it goes to show what “Made in the USA” means—quality and pride in the product.  I can’t wait to give it to my grandson, Jack.  He loves stuffed animals, especially stuffed dogs, and Trouble’s doghouse will be an extra bonus for him.
–  P.M.

My son, Justin is 2 1/2 years old.  I am glad to have shared my story about my “talks about Trouble” and how Trouble helps keep Justin safe and unafraid of the dark at night.
–  K.P.

Trouble has touched so many lives, saved so many lives, loves unconditionally…just like you. Our kids sleep with him every night and my Trouble is in my office.
–  B.C.

Trouble helps kids hope, believe and dream while giving them comfort.

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