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 We are proud that Trouble The Dog is
100%  made in America!

Made in America, Made with Love. Trouble The Dog –
A Symbol of Hope and Comfort for Children Everywhere.


Our decision to have Trouble the comfort Dog handcrafted here in America was an easy one.  Accomplishing that goal was incredibly difficult but we felt it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Initially, we had Trouble manufactured overseas with great results.  Over time, our representative left and we found ourselves not as happy.  We also encountered many obstacles going forward with a new company when trying to emphasize the importance of the exact fabric, color and so on.

Trouble the Dog is an actual character rather than simply a plush animal.  For this reason, keeping Trouble’s appearance and soft feel exactly the same was of utmost importance.

So we decided to move forward and have Trouble the Dog manufactured in the USA.  How hard could it be? We were happy to be minimizing our carbon footprint and more.  We were incredibly naïve.

We found ourselves in a David and Goliath position as a small yet mighty company.  Many American manufacturers simply felt we weren’t big enough for them to bother with … yet.  Others were put off by the amount of detail required in the manufacturing of a character like Trouble the Dog.  We chose to stand our ground because this handcrafted detail is what makes Trouble the Dog keepsake quality.

In all honesty, it look six long months, all day every day, to search and ultimately find a manufacturer who would take the time to discuss ways in which we might be able to have Trouble the Dog made in America.  That manufacturer is the American Bear Factory right here in Phoenix, AZ.

What set the American Bear Factory apart was the fact that together we had meaningful discussions about keeping the pricing down.  Kyle Barrett, the owner of the American Bear Factory said “let’s see what we might be able to do to lower the cost” and the rest is history.

It is important for us to create jobs here in the United State; however, this choice came with a cost.

Even though we worked together, our manufacturing costs increased two and a half to three times over the cost to do the same overseas.  This fact naturally had us take a long, hard look at our pricing

Trouble the Dog is now more expensive than so many other plush animals on the market.  And as Trouble is 100% handcrafted right here in America … cut, stuffed, sewn and assembled … Trouble is also more expensive than plush animals who may be simply assembled in this country.

Could we have gone a different route and only had Trouble the Dog partially made in America?  Sure.  But in our heart of hearts we knew we were all in with manufacturing in the United States and took the leap of faith necessary to move forward.

It is crucial for us to be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to our manufacturer on any given day.  Quality control is as important to the American Bear Factory as it is to us.  For this reason, we are proud to work with them.

You know what?  It was the best decision we could have made.  Why?  Because choosing to have Trouble the therapy Dog made in the USA sets him apart.  Trouble, we believe, is one of the truly rare plush animals actually manufactured right here in the USA.  All material, with the exception of the silver plush, is also from this country.

The people manufacturing Trouble the Dog appreciate his mission of comfort and hope.  They also love to hear all the stories about the magic of this little character and how he always helps kids smile.

Interestingly, our customers do not question our pricing (which in reality should be higher).  Our customers make it a point to thank us for making all our Trouble products, including his books and Trouble Doghouses, in the USA.  They appreciate our efforts and tell us they have been searching for products like Trouble the Dog.

We find that our customers are happy to pay more for a product that is of superb quality, helps comfort children and creates jobs for Americans … it really doesn’t get much better than that.

We also have active duty soldiers, police officers, firefighters and more smile when they see the American flag proudly displayed on Trouble’s tag. They too take the time to thank us for choosing to have Trouble made in the USA.

If you think about it, Trouble has gone from being a stray, grey underdog actually created by a child … to a global children’s character soothing kids who need hope, a smile and a 24/7 comfort buddy.  Kids love having Trouble’s soft waiting ear for them to whisper their “troubles” into … and that ear has to be perfect.

Trouble the Dog is an unlikely little magical hero who just happens to be American.

The Journey of Trouble The Dog: A 100% Handcrafted American Plush Comfort Toy.

Trouble The Dog is a plush toy that is 100% handcrafted in America. The decision to have Trouble The Dog made in America was made for several reasons, including minimizing the company’s carbon footprint, creating jobs in the United States, and ensuring that Trouble The Dog was of the highest quality possible. Initially, Trouble The Dog was manufactured overseas, but the company encountered many obstacles when trying to emphasize the importance of the exact fabric, color, and other details. Trouble The Dog is an actual character, not just a plush animal, so keeping its appearance and soft feel exactly the same was of utmost importance. After six long months of searching, the company found a manufacturer in the American Bear Factory in Phoenix, AZ, which was willing to work with the company to create a high-quality product that is 100% handcrafted in America. Despite the higher cost, the company believes that manufacturing Trouble The Dog in America was the best decision they could have made, and they are proud to work with the American Bear Factory to create a high-quality product that helps comfort children and creates jobs for Americans.



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