Trouble Maker

Sheila Duncan is the “Trouble Maker”.

Sheila Duncan Is The Trouble Maker

Sheila Duncan is President of Larkin Ltd., the holding company for the global children’s character, Trouble the Dog. Trouble was initially drawn by Sheila’s then 12-year-old-niece, Kendra, after a number of family cancer losses in 2006. Sheila calls that moment divinely inspired. Kendra wanted to help other kids going through tough times. Since then, Sheila has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues children and their families are facing in today’s world. Kids need love, comfort and most of all, hope. Trouble is not simply a plush dog, but a proven coping mechanism for those facing difficulty. Kids can feel his energy. This generation of children is more stressed than any before them – bullying, homelessness, family instability, and substance abuse are but a few of the challenges they face. “On call” around the clock, Trouble is a cost-effective and powerful therapy dog that can make a real difference to a child in crisis.


“Authors Turn Trouble into Hope”

By Bridget Turcotte, Lynn Item

MARBLEHEAD — Author Sheila Duncan teamed up with a mother and daughter from Lynn to create a book aimed at bringing comfort to children.

Duncan, a Marblehead native, and Melanie Fleming, who now lives in Danvers, are co-authors of“Where There’s Trouble, There’s Hope,” which is expected to be printed Thursday. The book is illustrated by Joan Samuelson, Fleming’s mother.  > more

SUCCESS, MAY 7, 2013

“Seniorpreneurs, The Next Boom?”

Older entrepreneurs are everywhere. And they have plenty to say about what it means to start a business at an age when others consider retiring.

Starting and growing a business when you’re older can bring its own frustrations and rewards. But the insights—from motivation to what it means to be successful—are valuable to anyone. Here’s how several older entrepreneurs feel about pursuing their passion. > more




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