A Tale of Two Trouble Dogs

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Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan

November 1, 2023

Trouble The Dog Comfort Toy

A Tale of Two Troubles … 

Trouble The Dog was created on January 8, 2006 by a little girl who wanted to help comfort kids, my then twelve-year-old niece, Kendra.   After many cancer losses in our family, she was unfortunately tuned into the word “cancer”.  One winter’s night while drawing at my home, the St. Jude Telethon came on TV… she instantly looked up and said “I have to help those kids” .. and BOOM … she drew a stray, grey pup who she decided to name Trouble.  It was one of those divinely inspired moments you hear about on Oprah.  And that’s the truth!  She then drew a simple comic strip depicting a story of Trouble being abandoned in a box with his siblings, and then finding himself alone on the scary dark streets of New York City.   Why New York?  Who knows … this entire story was from the imagination of a child.  Trouble was then rescued by a kindly, spunky Irish woman named Nonnie (after Kendra’s grandmother) and Trouble decided once he was safe to make it his mission to pay his good fortune forward.

Now, Trouble The Dog is an American-made plush pup with his own book series … Here’s Trouble, Where There’s Trouble … There’s Hope, and Trouble’s in Trouble.  Each storyline has a simple message that will help kids navigate the bumps in the road of life gently and with humor.

Trouble The Dog is presently traveling the world delivering his magical hugs.  Amazingly, kids tell us when they hug Trouble they can feel his energy and he helps them feel better.  Perhaps this is why Trouble The Dog is also a favorite with “kidults”, seniors, dogs, and real tiger cubs who snuggle up with him. 

It’s all Good Trouble!

So to explain, here’s where the Two Troubles come in… 

There is now another dog on the streets named Trouble and people are getting confused between the two pups.  Sometimes, people call Trouble The Dog’s HQ asking questions about a Netflix series called “Dog Gone Trouble” and we have to explain … politely … that they have the wrong number.  Meanwhile, they always tell us Trouble The Dog is really adorable, which makes it less annoying.

This has been happening for a while now … and you have to wonder if Dog Gone Trouble gets inquiries about the original Trouble Dog?  How could they not?

Trouble The Dog doesn’t have his own Netflix series … yet … but he has a sweet cartoon that was actually created many years ago by a great guy in Poland https://troublethedog.com/ and videos which tell his story on our site: https://www.troublethedog.com/trouble-times/

Trouble The Dog also has quite a posse by the way.  There’s thoughtful, blue-eyed puppy Hope who was abandoned in the snow; Luigi who was also a stray with gigantic ears, speaks Spanish and loves to twirl; Roxy, a pet store Golden Retriever who is totally self-absorbed; and last but hardly least, Clarence, a tiny spark of light, an orb, who tries to keep Trouble The Dog out of “trouble” … not always successfully.    All these characters are designed to help kids through life’s obstacles … and make them laugh.

We think the pup in Dog Gone Trouble is cute too … and the episodes seem clever.  His supporting cast of pups is also cute.  So there’s really no “trouble” except for the confusion.  Trouble The Dog isn’t connected to Dog Gone Trouble in any way … even though we’re sure the people who created the series are wonderful.  Maybe we’ll all have a cup of coffee one day.

The storylines are interestingly completely upside down.  The original Trouble is a stray, grey, pup, abandoned with his siblings on the mean streets of NYC as you now know.  He never had a home until he’s adopted by feisty Nonnie.  Nonnie, a hard-working pizza shop owner, didn’t have a lot of money but her huge heart and spunk made her a neighborhood favorite.

The pup in Dog Gone Trouble had a great home until his wealthy, elderly owner passed away and then he found himself on the streets.  Crazy right?  Totally opposite storyline.

Trouble The Dog has a nickname which is actually on his tag … Angel in Disguise.  Why?  Because that’s what Trouble The Dog is … an Angel disguised as a pup whose mission is to help everyone he meets … which sometimes results in a little “trouble”.

Trouble The Dog has a sweetness to him because his heart is so pure … just like the heart of the child who drew him all those years ago.  This is why Trouble The Dog is a perfect comfort and therapy Dog for young and old.  You can see what people have to say here: https://troublethedog.com/testimonials/

Trouble The Dog is also a proud American pup.  Originally, in 2007, Trouble The Dog was manufactured overseas.  After a couple of shipments, our manufacturing contact left and communication became more difficult.  We then made the decision to have Trouble The Dog manufactured right here in America.  Easier said than done.  Finally, after six months of searching, talking, and begging we connected to our wonderful manufacturer, located in Phoenix, Arizona … American Bear Factory.  So we can proudly say that all our products are made with love right here in the USA.  https://troublethedog.com/made-in-america-trouble-dog/

So what’s the the biggest difference between these two characters?   Trouble The Dog is a very unique character in that he literally inspires kids to want to help other kids … exactly like the child who created him.

As an example, there’s a former foster child by the name of Darius, who had a rough start in life.  He was given a Trouble Comfort dog and a book to take to his foster home.  He says to this day “People need to know that Trouble is a magical Dog”.  Trouble brought him so much comfort that Darius has now given 386 Trouble comfort Dogs to kids still in foster care and counting.  He tells us that he knows what it’s like to be in foster care and he wants other kids to have the comfort of Trouble The Dog.  In our opinion, that’s not only inspiring but truly magical as well.  You can read his story here: https://troublethedog.com/kids-helping-kids/

So, why all the confusion between Trouble the Dog and Dog Gone Trouble on the web?

When an internet search is performed, both Trouble The Dog and Dog Gone Trouble come up because they share the word “Trouble” in their names. However, they are vastly different in their purpose and impact. Trouble the Dog is a rare plush pup made in America that comforts children experiencing “trouble” in their lives, big or small. Kids whisper all their “troubles” into his soft, waiting ear and he helps them smile. Children seem to be able to feel his “energy,” and inexplicably, Trouble helps kids hope, believe, and dream. On the other hand, Dog Gone Trouble is a Netflix animated film about a pampered dog named Trouble who must learn to survive on his own in a world different from anything he’s ever known. While both share the name “Trouble,” they are distinctly different.  Trouble The Dog is so comforting to children because he is a proven therapy dog that is “on call” 24/7, and his iconic, expressive face attracts kids like a magnet. Children seem to be able to feel his “energy,” and inexplicably, Trouble helps kids hope, believe, and dream.   And that is why the original Trouble The Dog is truly “magical”.

We hope this sets the record straight.

 Who Needs a Hug? Buy the Original Trouble The Dog here: https://troublethedog.com/shop/ 

Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan


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